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    “The site is very substantial, full of information and done with great enthusiasm for us, amateurs. I hope you will continue elaborating it and that you will become a reference for your students, and for the other visitors as well. As for the suggestions, I would like to see more photos in the gallery.”

    Cecilija Horvat, Winchester, England

    “A big man from the small place. Milos is a philosophy teacher in a leather jacket. Inspirational presentation oriented to the teaching of philosophy. Every teacher should have a presenation like this. A popular approach makes student believe that time they dedicate studying philosophy with teacher Rastovic will be fun, as much as an intelectual […]

    Aleksandar Ivankovic, Budapest, Hungary

    “The site is excellent. Thank you. It will be a good example to my students. I will send someone to you for a practice. Best regards,”

    Professor Zorica Kuburic, Associate Professor of Pedagogue, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia

    “I have a suggestion to make. I am a fond of Spanish and French films generally. Not any particular director. I enjoy watching them because of their point of view, which is totally different from American “life philosophy“. The Spanish films are, very often, strange with cruel or sharp sense of humour. Yesterday afternoon, I […]

    Natasa Sauer, Professor of English and Biology, Technical School, Sombor, Serbia

    “There is a lot to improve on your site, but it is a really good idea that needs to grow. However, I think the feminist section has to be updated to include films that have to do with feminist film theories, such as Laura Mulvey. Maybe have a section called “Psychoanalysis”, and include films like […]

    Professor Catalin Brylla, Newport School of Art, Media and Design University of Wales, Newport, UK

    “The philosophy web site to which you have contributed very imaginative and interesting, and you’re clearly well acquainted with a wide range of films.”

    Professor Jim Woelfel, Department of Philosophy, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Kansas, U.S.A.

    “From what I have garnered though, it seems like you’ve put a lot of work into this, which is admirable. I was curious if (just from a mere stylistic point) either an alphabetical or chronological organization within each subcategory might help. Classifying movies by philosophical theme I think works very well on your site (although […]

    Matthew Valentine, Department of Philosophy, Duquesne University, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

    “I also looked at the web site you referred me to. It too looks interesting.”

    Professor Morgan Rempel, Department of Philosophy and Religion University of Southern Mississippi, U.S.A.

    “The web site looks excellent.”

    Predrag Cicovacki, Department of Philosophy, Associate Professor of Philosophy, College of the Holly Cross, U.S.A.